03 February 2009

[yme3453] Naval Architecture - Peabody(1911)

One of important archive on naval architecture field of study in their age.

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Table of Contents

1. Integration and Integrator
2. Displacement and Centre of Buoyancy
3. Stability
4. Surface of Buoyancy and of Water Lines
5. Adding and Moving Weights
6. Grounding and Docking
7. Launching
8. Theory of Waves
9. Rolling of Ships
10. Propulsion of Ships
11. Power for Ships
12. Steering and Manoeuvring
13. Weight and Strength


# Title : Naval Architecture
# Author : Cecil Hobart Peabody
# Paperback: 641 pages
# Publisher: J. Wiley & Sons (1911)
# Language: English

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