20 February 2009

(2008) Benedek - A Method For Testing Small Shipmodels

Zoltán Benedek , A Method For Testing Small Shipmodels, PERIODICA POLYTECHNICA SER. TRANSP. ENG. VOL. 36, NO. 1–2, PP. 25-27 (2008)

A Method For Testing Small Shipmodels
Zoltán Benedek [Department of Aeroplans and Ships]

In a small tank there are possibilities for testing only small models (length of 1-2 m). They are engaged to measure the resistance of the ship, but self propulsion tests cannot be performed because the dimensions of the propeller are too small. This paper proposes a method for determining the mutual influence of ship body and propeller without using propeller model behind the ship body. On the towing carriage there is mounted a pump. The inlet end of the pipe is behind the investigated ship model at the place of its propeller, and has the same diameter as the propeller. This propeller simulator gives possibility to calculate the thrust of the propeller according to the momentum theory of propeller.

Wake fraction, thrust deduction fraction, ship model experiment tank

Source : Periodica Polytechnica

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