06 February 2009

[yim334] Encyclopedia of Corrosion Technology 2nd-Schweitzer

Corrosion is expensive and can be hazardous. It is costly to replace and/or repair equipment, structures, and other miscellaneous items that have been damaged as a result of corrosion. It can be hazardous when corrosion has weakened a portion of a vessel, bridge, or other structure causing it to fail, resulting in injury to persons and/or fires or explosions.
Materials are capable of corroding as the result of prolonged exposure to the atmosphere as well as contact with aggressive media. It is the purpose of this encyclopedia to explain the many terms associated with corrosion, including the various types and forms of corrosion, and metallurgical and other terms as they relate to the corrosion process.
All the most commonly used materials of construction have been included because the various forms and types of corrosion affect different materials in different ways. Methods whereby corrosion can be controlled or prevented are explained. Information regarding areas of application, conditions of protection, and conditions under which they are useful have been included.
Ample references are supplied to permit more detailed study of many of the topics. This encyclopedia will provide insight into the causes and problems of corrosion and offer some assistance in solving these problems.

# Title :Encyclopedia Of Corrosion Technology
# Editor : Philip A. Schweitzer
# Paperback: 675 pages
# Publisher: Marcel Dekker; 2 edition (March 17, 2004)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0824748786
# ISBN-13: 97808247487846


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