09 February 2009

HRCAK2007 - 41638Longitudinal Strength of A Container Ship

Dubravka Žaja, Albert Zamarin, Marko Hadjina, Longitudinal Strength of A Container Ship, Engineering Review, Vol.27 No.1 December 2007.

Longitudinal Strength of A Container Ship
Dubravka Žaja, Albert Zamarin, Marko Hadjina, [Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia]

This paper presents a calculation of container ship longitudinal strength, which results in the distribution of vertical transversal forces and vertical bending moments along ship’s length. This causes ship course limitation with waves coming in the bow as the most unfavorable load case. Results of this calculation are used for two purposes. The first one is related to requirements of classification societies regarding the fulfillment of minimal section modulus of the hull cross section at the middle of ship with respect to bending along the vertical longitudinal plane. The second one is related to the modeling of the hull structure for global and local stress analysis of structural elements. In particular, the created structure model must correspond to the real ship. For this reason, the distribution of buoyancy and masses should be adjusted, i.e., the real ship loads and a section of the hull, i.e., model.

longitudinal strength; container ship; hull structural model

Source : hrcak.srce.hr

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