03 February 2009

[yim055] Elementary Engineering Fracture Mechanics-Broek(1982)

It is certainly one of the best books on Fracture Mechanics. The book is very well structured for graduate level courses. Also, unlike a lot of books on Fracture Mechanics, the concepts are presented with an emphasis on their practical applications

Table of Contents

o Preface to the first edition - Preface to the second edition - Preface to the third edition

o Chapter 1 Summary of basic problems and concepts
Introduction - A crack in a structure - The stress at a crack tip - The Griffith criterion - The crack opening displacement criterion - Crack propagation - Closure
o Chapter 2 Mechanisms of fracture and crack growth
Introduction - Cleavage fracture - Ductile fracture - Fatigue cracking - Environment assisted cracking - Service failure analysis
o Chapter 3 The elastic crack-tip stress field
The Airy stress function - Complex stress functions - Solution to crack problems - The effect of finite size - Special cases - Elliptical cracks - "Some useful expressions
o Chapter 4 The crack tip plastic zone
The Irwin plastic zone correction - The Dugdale approach - The shape of the plastic zone - Plane stress versus plane strain - Plastic constraint factor - The thickness effect
o Chapter 5 The energy principle
The energy release rate - The criterion for crack growth - The crack resistance (R curve) - Compliance - The J integral - Tearing modulus - Stability
o Chapter 6 Dynamics and crack arrest
Crack speed and kinetic energy - The dynamic stress intensity and elastic energy release rate - Crack branching - The principles of crack arrest - Crack arrest in practice- Dynamic fracture toughness
o Chapter 7 Plane strain fracture toughness
The standard test - Size requirements - Non-linearity - Applicability
o Chapter 8 Plane stress and transitional behaviour
Introduction - An engineering concept of plane stress - The R curve concept - The thickness effect - Plane stress testing - Closure
o Chapter 9 Elastic-plastic fracture
Fracture beyond general yield - The crack tip opening displacement - The possible use of the CTOD criterion - Experimental determination of CTOD - Parameters affecting the critical CTOD - Limitations, fracture at general yield - Use of the J integral - Limitations of the J integral - Measurement of J, and JR - Closure
o Chapter 10 Fatigue crack propagation
Introduction - Crack growth and the stress intensity factor - Factors affecting crack propagation - Variable amplitude service loading - Retardation models - Similitude - Small cracks - Closure
o Chapter 11 Fracture resistance of materials
Fracture criteria - Fatigue cracking criteria - The effect of alloying and second phase particles - Effect of processing, anisotropy - Effect of temperature - Closure

o Chapter 12 Fail-safety and damage tolerance
Introduction - Means to provide fail-safety - Required information for fracture mechanics approach - Closure
o Chapter 13 Determination of stress intensity factors
Introduction - Analytical and numerical methods - Finite element methods - Experimental methods
o Chapter 14 Practical problems
Introduction - Through cracks emanating from holes - Corner cracks at holes - Cracks approaching holes - Combined loading - Fatigue crack growth under mixed mode loading - Biaxial loading - Fracture toughness of weldments - Service failure analysis
o Chapter 15 Fracture of structures
Introduction - Pressure vessels and pipelines - "Leak-before-break" criterion - Material selection - The use of the J integral for structural analysis - Collapse analysis - "Accuracy of fracture calculations
o Chapter 16 Stiffened sheet structures
Introduction - Analysis - Fatigue crack propagation - Residual strength - The R curve and the residual strength of stiffened panels - Other analysis methods - Crack arrest - Closure
o Chapter 17 Prediction of fatigue crack growth
Introduction - The load spectrum - Approximation of the stress spectrum - Generation of a stress history - Crack growth integration - Accuracy of predictions - Safety factors

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# Title :Elementary Engineering Fracture Mechanics
# Author : D. Broek
# Paperback: 540 pages
# Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (June 30, 1982)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 9024725801
# ISBN-13: 978-9024726561


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