06 February 2009

[yim329] Brazing Handbook-1991

This book contains a significant amount of information on the process of brazing. It was created by Handy & Harman to assist both the novice brazer and the seasoned engineer. For years, this publication has been well received and a very useful tool. This publication has been updated to incorporate the many changes that have occurred within the industry. However, the purpose of this book remains the same: to expand the applications of brazing by relaying the many advantages of it as a metal-joining method -- while being quite candid about its limitations. And we highlight the many people and industries who are now using brazing wherever possible to increase their manufacturing efficiencies.

Keywords - brazing processes, brazing atmospheres, brazing fluxes, brazing fundamentals,,silver brazing, nickel brazing, copper brazing, brazing of stainlFss steel, brazing of refractory metals, brazing of ceramics, brazing. of low expansion alloys, cleaning of brazements, brazing honey-comb.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1-Fundamentals
Chapter 2-Brazement Design and Drafting Room Practice
Chapter 3-Brazing Filler Metals
Chapter 4-Fluxes and Atmospheres
Chapter 5-Corrosion Resistance of Brazed Joints
Chapter 6-Safety and Heallh
Chapter 7-Precleaning and Surface Preparation
Chapter 8-Assembly and Fixturing
Chapter 9-Torch Brazing
Chapter 10-Furnace Brazing
Chapter 11-Induction Brazing
Chapter 12-Dip Brazing
Chapter 13-Resistance Brazing
Chapter 14-Braze Welding
Chapter 15-Other Processes
Chapter 16-Inspection of Brazed Joint
Chapter 17-Codes and Other Standards
Chapter 18-Copper and Copper Alloys
Chapter 19-Precious Metals
Chapter 20-Low Carbon Low Alloy and Tool Steels
Chapter 21-Brazing of Cast Iron
Chapter 22-Pipe and Tube
Chapter 23-Nickel-Base and Cobalt-Containing Alloys
Chapter 24-Stainless Steels
Chapter 25-Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys
Chapter 26-Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys
Chapter 27.Titanium. Zirconium and Beryllium
Chapter 28-Repactory Metals Niobium Molybdenum Tantalumm and Tungsten
Chapter 29-Electron Tube and Vacuum Equipment Brazing
Chapter 30-Carbide Tools
Chapter 31-Ceramic Brazing
Chapter 32-Carbon and Graphite
Chapter 33-Honeycomb Structure Brazing
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C

# Title : Brazing Handbook
# Paperback: 494 pages
# Publisher: Amer Welding Society; 4 edition (June 1991)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0871713594
# ISBN-13: 978-0871713599


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