18 February 2009

[yim085] Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics 4th ed.- Munson

This book is intended for junior and senior engineering students who are interested in learning
some fundamental aspects of fluid mechanics. This area of mechanics is mature, and a
complete coverage of all aspects of it obviously cannot be accomplished in a single volume.
We developed this text to be used as a first course. The principles considered are classical
and have been well-established for many years. However, fluid mechanics education has improved with experience in the classroom, and we have brought to bear in this book our own
ideas about the teaching of this interesting and important subject. This fourth edition has
been prepared after several years of experience by the authors using the previous editions for
an introductory course in fluid mechanics. Based on this experience, along with suggestions
from reviewers, colleagues, and students, we have made a number of changes in this new
edition. Many of these changes are minor and have been made to simply clarify, update and
expand certain ideas and concepts.

Table of Contents

Ch. 1 Introduction
Ch. 2 Fluid Statics
Ch. 3 Elementary Fluid Dynamics- The Bernoulli Equation
Ch. 4 Fluid Kinematics
Ch. 5 Finite Control Volume Analysis
Ch. 6 Differential Analysis of Fluid Flow
Ch. 7 Similitude, Dimensional Analysis and Modelling
Ch. 8 Viscous Flow in Pipes
Ch. 9 Flow Over Immersed Bodies
Ch.10 Open Channel Flow
Ch.11 Compressible Flow
Ch.12 Turbomachines (ebook only)
Appendix A Unit Conversion Tables
Appendix B Physical Properties of Fluids
Appendix C Properties of the US Standard atmosphere
Appendix D Compressible FLow Data for An Ideal Gas
Appendix E Video Library (ebook only)
Appendix F Review Problems (ebook only)
Appendix G Laboratory Problem (ebook only)

# Title : Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics
# Author : Bruce R. Munson Donald F. Young Theodore H. Okiishi
# Hardcover: 224 pages
# Publisher: Wiley and Sons (November 29, 2001), 4th Ed.
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 047144250X


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