09 February 2009

HRCAK2006 - 12706Nonlinear Ship Rolling and Capsizing

Marta Pedišić Buča, Ivo Senjanović, Nonlinear Ship Rolling and Capsizing, Brodogradnja, Vol.57 No.4 December 2006

Nonlinear Ship Rolling and Capsizing
Marta Pedišić Buča [Brodarski institut, Zagreb], Ivo Senjanović [Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Zagreb]

The existing level of ship safety rules is presented and analysed, and guidelines for upgrading and improving the rules are given. An uncoupled equation of ship rolling is set and the methods for solving nonlinear ship rolling in regular and irregular waves are presented. Calculations of rolling for a particular ship in regular and irregular waves are done using the harmonic acceleration method.
Nonlinear response phenomena are analysed. Capsizing probability is calculated by means of nonlinear dynamics (basin erosion technique). Based on these calculations new criteria for ship stability are recommended, based on the use of the ship survivability diagrams.

ship safety; stability; rolling; capsizing; nonlinear dynamics; chaos theory; ship survivability;

Source : hrcak.srce.hr

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