23 February 2009

[yim698) An Introduction to Fluid Dynamics - Batchelor (2002)

This book gives an excellent introduction to fluid dynamics … many interesting and important photographs of fluid flows are included in order to help the students who do not have an opportunity of observing flow phenomena in a laboratory. The book also contains exercises at the end of each chapter. In comparison with many currently available books, I find this book by Batchelor especially stimulating and useful for students of applied mathematics and engineering.'

First published in 1967, Professor Batchelor's classic work is still one of the foremost texts on fluid dynamics. His careful presentation of the underlying theories of fluids is still timely and applicable, even in these days of almost limitless computer power. This reissue ensures that a new generation of graduate students experiences the elegance of Professor Batchelor's writing.

Table of Content :

# Title : An Introduction to Fluid Dynamics
# Author :
G. K. Batchelor
# Paperback: 635 pages
# Publisher: Cambridge University Press (February 15, 2000)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0521663962
# ISBN-13: 978-0521663960


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