17 February 2009

HRCAK2007 - 20788Methodology of Ship Hydroelasticity Investigation

I Senjanović, et.al. , Methodology of Ship Hydroelasticity Investigation, Brodogradnja, Vol.58 No.2 June 2007.

Methodology of Ship Hydroelasticity Investigation
Ivo SENJANOVIĆ,Stipe TOMAŠEVIĆ, Smiljko RUDAN [University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia], Šime MALENICA [Bureau Veritas, Paris, France]

The importance of hydroelastic analysis of large and flexible container ships of today is pointed out. A methodology for investigation of this challenging phenomenon is drawn up and a mathematical model is worked out. It includes definition of ship geometry, mass distribution, structure stiffness, and combines ship hydrostatics, hydrodynamics, ship motion and vibrations.
Based on the presented theory, a computer program is developed and applied for hydroelastic analysis of a flexible segmented barge for which model test results of motion and distortion in waves have been available. A correlation analysis of numerical simulation and measured response shows quite good agreement of the transfer functions for heave, pitch, roll, vertical and horizontal bending and torsion. Such checked tool can be further used for reliable hydroelastic analysis of ship-like structures.

container ships; flexible barge; hydroelasticity; mathematical model; numerical simulation; model tests;

Source : hrcak.srce.hr

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