03 February 2009

[yim332] Principles of Corrosion Engineering and Corrosion Control - Zaki

Comprehensively covers the principles of corrosion engineering, methods of corrosion protection and corrosion processes and control in selected engineering environments. Structured for corrosion science and engineering classes at senior undergraduate and graduate level, and is an ideal reference that readers will want to use in their professional work. Worked examples, extensive end of chapter exercises and accompanying online solutions and written by an expert from a key pretochemical university

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Basic concepts
3. Corrosion kinetics
4. Types of corrosion materials and environments
5. Cathodic protection
6. Corrosion control by inhibition
7. Coatings
8. Corrosion prevention by design
9. Selection of materials for corrosive environments
10. Atmospheric corrosion
11. Boiler corrosion
12. Concrete corrosion

# Title :Principles of Corrosion Engineering and Corrosion Control
# Author : Zaki Ahmad
# Paperback: 672 pages
# Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann (September 18, 2006)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0750659246
# ISBN-13: 9780750659246


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