11 August 2008

[RS/yim238] Ship Construction 5th edition

Naval architecture, Shipbuilding
Ship Construction is a comprehensive text for students following BTEC courses in nautical science, naval architecture and shipbuilding, and courses leading to BSc (Nautical Science) or Extra Masters Certificate.
The author presents seven sections that begin with an introduction to ship building and conclude with the finished product. There is a concise description of all the relevant international regulations. The seven sections cover the development of ship types, materials and strengths of ships, welding and cutting, shipyard practice, ship structure and outfitting. Each section is broken down into several chapters that explore the topics in depth.
The fifth edition expands further on the development of ship types over the last few years - discussion focussing on the latest views on bulk carrier safety. Welding and shipyard practices have been reviewed and revised in line with current practice. In addition, the book covers all the latest IMO and SOLAS information.
Follows, chapter by chapter, the construction of a ship from start to finish.
IMO and SOLAS: latest information covered.
Essential for both nautical students and professional students of naval architecture.

Detail List of Content
Part 1 Introduction to Shipbuilding

1.Basic Design of the Ship(Preparation of the Design-Information Provided by Design-Purchase of a New Vessel-Ship Contracts) - 2.Ship Dimensions and Form - 3.Development of Ship Types (Dry Cargo Ships-Bulk Carriers-Oil Tankers-Passenger Ships)

Part 2 Materials and Strength of Ships
4.Classification Societies (Lloyd s Register Classification Symbols-Structural Design Programs-Periodical Surveys-Damage Repairs) - 5.Steels (Manufacture of Steels-Heat Treatment of Steels-Steel Sections-Shipbuilding Steels-High Tensile Steels-Steel Castings-Steel Forgings) - 6.Aluminium Alloy (Production of Aluminium-Fire Protection) - 7.Testing of Materials (Classification Society Tests for Hull Materials) - 8.Stresses to which a Ship is Subject (Vertical Shear and Longitudinal Bending in Still Water-Bending Moments in a Seaway-Longitudinal Shear Forces-Bending Stresses-Transverse Stresses-Local Stresses-Brittle Fracture-Fatigue Failures)

Part 3 Welding and Cutting
9.Welding and Cutting Processes used in Shipbuilding (Gas Welding-Electric Arc Welding-Other Welding Processes-Cutting Processes) - 10. Welding Practice and Testing Welds (Welding Practice-Welding Sequences-Testing Welds-Nondestructive Testing-Classification Society Weld Tests)

Part 4 Shipyard Practice
11.Shipyard Layout - 12.Ship Drawing Offices and Loftwork (Loftwork Following Drawing Office) - 13.Plate and Section Preparation and Machining (Plate and Section Preparation-Plate and Section Machining-Frame Bending) 14.Prefabrication (Sub-assemblies-Unit Fabrication-Outfit Modules-Unit Erection-Joining Ship Sections Afloat) - 15.Launching (End Launches-Side Launches-Building Docks-Ship Lifts)

Part 5 Ship Structure
16.Bottom Structure (Keels-Single Bottom Structure-Double Bottom Structure-Machinery Seats) - 17.Shell Plating and Framing (Shell Plating-Framing-Tank Side Brackets-Local Strengthening of Shell Plating-Bilge Keel) - 18.Bulkheads and Pillars (Bulkheads-Watertight Doors-Deep Tanks-Topside Tanks-Shaft Tunnel-Pillars) - 19.Decks, Hatches, and Superstructures(Decks-Hatches-Bulwarks-Superstructures and Deckhouses) - 20.Fore End Structure(Stem-Bulbous Bows-Chain Locker-Hawse Pipes-Bow Steering Arrangements-Bow Thrust Units) - 21 Aft End Structure (Stern Construction-Stern Frame-Rudders-Steering Gear-Sterntube-Shaft Bossing and A Brackets-Propellers) - 22.Tanker Construction (Oil Tankers-Materials for Tanker Construction-Construction in Tank Spaces-Double Hull Construction-Bulkheads-Hatchways-Testing Tanks-Fore End Structure-After End Structure-Superstructures-Floating Production, Storage and Offloading Vessels-Chemical Tankers) - 23.Liquefied Gas Carriers(Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)-Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)-The IMO International Gas Carrier Code-Liquefied Petroleum Gas Ships-Liquefied Natural Gas Ships-General Arrangement of Gas Carriers-Lloyd s Classification)

Part 6 Outfit
24.Derricks, Masts,and Rigging (Masts and Sampson Posts-Derrick Rigs-Deck Cranes) - 25.Cargo Access, Handling and Restraint(Stern and Bow Doors-Ramps-Side Doors and Loaders-Portable Decks-
Scissors Lift-Cargo Restraint) - 26.Pumping and Piping Arrangements (Bilge and Ballast Pumping and Piping-General Service Pipes and Pumping-Air and Sounding Pipes-Sea Inlets-Cargo Pumping and Piping Arrangements in Tankers) - 27.Corrosion Control and Paint Systems (Nature and Forms of Corrosion-Corrosion Control-Paints-Protection by Means of Paints) - 28.Ventilation, Refrigeration, and Insulation(Ventilation-Refrigeration-Insulation-Refrigerated Container Ships)

Part 7 International Regulations
29.International Maritime Organization(Organization of IMO-Work of IMO-Relationship with National Authorities-Relationship with Classification Societies) - 30.Tonnage(International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships 1969-Tonnages-Measurement-Compensated Tonnage) - 31.Load Line Rules(Freeboard Computation-Conditions of Assignment of Freeboard) - 32.Structural Fire Protection(Requirements-A,B,and C Class Divisions-Openings in Fire Protection Divisions-Protection of Special Category Spaces-Fire Protection Arrangements in High Speed Craft)

# Author : Eyres,D.J.
# Paperback: 355 pages
# Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann; 5 edition (May 15, 2001)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0750648872
# ISBN-13: 978-0750648875
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