31 August 2008

[4S/yim006] Theory of Plates and Shells

Since the publication of the first edition of this book, the application of the theory of plates and shells in practice has widened considerably, and some new methods have been introduced into the theory. To take these facts into consideration, we have had to make many changes and additions. The principal additions are (1) an article on deflection of plates due to transverse shear, (2) an article on stress concentrations around a circular hole in a bent plate, (3) a chapter on bending of plates resting on an elastic foundation, (4) a chapter on bending of anisotropic plates, and (5) a chapter reviewing certain special and approximate methods used in plate analysis.

Table of Contents
• Introduction
1. Bending of Long Rectangular Plates to a Cylindrical Surface
2. Pure Bending of Plates
3. Symmetrical Bending of Circular Plates
4. Small Deflections of Laterally Loaded Plates
5. Simply Supported Rectangular Plates
6. Rectangular Plates with Various Edge Conditions
7. Continuous Rectangular Plates
8. Plates on Elastic Foundation
9. Plates of Various Shapes
10. Special and Approximate Methods in Theory of Plates
11. Bending of Anisotropic Plates
12. Bending of Plates under the Combined Action of Lateral Loads and Forces in the Middle Plane of the Plate
13. Large Deflections of Plates
14. Deformation of Shells without Bending
15. General Theory of Cylindrical Shells

#Theory of Plates and Shells
#S. Timoshenko (Author), S. Woinowsky-Krieger (Author)
# Hardcover: 580 pages
# Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies; 2 edition (June 1959)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0070647798
# ISBN-13: 978-0070647794

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