25 August 2008

[4S/yim224] A Statistical Re-analysis of Resistance and Propulsion Data

According to full-scale test data result was described in previous publication (An Approximate power prediction method, ISP Vol. 29, 1982), a power prediction method was presented.
This obtained formulae was found insuifficient accuracy for some classes of ship, especially for high-speed craft (Froude Number above 0.5).
The regression analysis was based on the result of test on 334 model, in order to create more accurate power prediction/calculation.
In fact, the formulae is still in used until present day.

1. Introduction
2. Re-analysis of resistance test result
3. Re-analysis of propulsion data
4. The influence of propeller cavitation and partial propeller submergence.
5. Numerical Example

A Statistical Re-analysis of Resistance and Propulsion Data
#by J. Holtrop
#International Shipbuilding Progress, Vol. 31, 1984.

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