12 August 2008

Protective Coatings and Paints -06 Resin

Resins, also called binders, are the film-forming portions of coatings. They are usually high molecular weight solid polymers (large molecules with repeating units) in the cured film. In some cases, lower molecular weight units in two liquid components react with each other upon mixing to polymerize into the higher molecular weight solid.
The resin is responsible for many of the properties of the coating. Thus, coatings are usually identified generically by the types of their resins. Important film properties related
to the resin chemistry are:
a) Mechanism and time of curing
b) Performance in different environments
c) Performance on different substrates
d) Compatibility with other coatings
e) Flexibility and toughness
f) Weather resistance
g) Adhesion
h) Ease of topcoating and repair
i) Application properties (wetting, build, pot life, etc.)

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