14 August 2008


For the 2008 edition, Part 1, “Conditions of Classification” for all vessels other than those in offshore service was consolidated into a generic booklet, entitled Rules for Conditions of Classification (Part 1). The purpose of this consolidation was to emphasize the common applicability of the classification requirements in “Part 1” to ABS-classed vessels, other marine structures and their associated machinery, and thereby make “Part 1” more readily a common “Part” of the various ABS Rules and Guides, as appropriate.


CHAPTER 1 Scope and Conditions of Classification (Classification-Suspension and Cancellation of Classification-Classification Symbols and Notations-Rules for Classification-Other Regulations-International Association of Classification
Societies (IACS)-Submission of Plans-Conditions for Surveys After Construction-Fees-Disagreement-Limitation of Liability-Hold Harmless-Time Bar to Legal Action Arbitration)

Appendix 1 Load Line and Tonnage Marks
Appendix 2 Classification Symbols and Notations
Appendix 3 ABS Type Approval Program

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