15 August 2008

[4S/yim504] ISPS Code – Practical Pack

The Practical Pack provides a methodology that company security officers can use when conducting ship security assessments and developing ship security plans in accordance with the requirements of the ISPS Code.
Recognising that there is no “one size fits all” solution, the Practical Pack a ship security plan “template; rather it is an effective tool for both understanding and complying with the requirements of the ISPS Code.
Three key phases are involved in working through the Practical Pack:

  • Conducting ship security assessments (including conducting the on scene security survey). The ship security assessment identifies the security measures that will need to be included in the ship security plan,
  • Developing the ship security plan, based on the outcome of the ship security assessment. The ship security plan details the measures that are required to be implemented onboard, and
  • Developing ship security procedures. These procedures are to be attached to, and form part of, the approved ship security plan.
Whereas the ship security plan details the security measures, the procedures provide the detail as to how these measures are to be implemented. If the ship security plan details “what has to be done”, the security procedures detail “when it has to be done, who shall do it, how it shall be done, what records are to be kept, etc”.

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