25 August 2008

[4S/yim225] An Approximate Power Prediction Method

This Paper is presenting extended method from original numerical prediction on previous publication (A statistical power prediction method, ISP Vol.25, 1978), by adjusting original numerical prediction model to test data obtain in some specific cases. This adaptation of method had resulted into a set of prediction formulae with a wider range of application.
This Method was focusessed on improving the power predition of high-block ships with low L/B-ratio and of slender naval ships with a coples appendages arrangement and immersed transom sterns.

1. Introduction
2. Resistance Prediction
3. Prediction of Propulsion Factors
4. Estimation of Propeller Efficiency
5. Numerical Example

#An Approximate Power Prediction Method
#by J.Holtrop and G.G.J. Mennen
#Internationa Shipbuilding Progress,Vol 29, 1982

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