20 August 2008

[4S/yim231] KT-KQ Diagram Wageningen B-Series Propeller

The B-series propellers were designed and tested at the Netherlands Ship Model Basin in Wageningen. The open-water characteristics of 120 propeller models of the B-series were tested at N.S.M.B. and analyzed with multiple polynomial regression analysis.
The derived polynomials express the thrust and torque coefficients in terms of the number of blades, the blade area ratio, the pitch-diameter ratio and the advance coefficient. The Reynolds number effect and the effect of variation of blade thickness on the Bseries propeller characteristics have also been evaluated at N.S.M.B.
In this report the polynomials derived in are used to plot the open water propeller characteristics for Reynolds number 2.0x10^6 and for the ranges of number of blades, blade area ratio and pitch-diameter ratio recommended by N.S.M.B. The extent of applicability of the regression polynomials is also discussed.

KT, KQ and Efficiency Curves for the Wageningen B-Series Propellers
by M.M. Bernitsas, D. Ray, P. Kinley

This Curves of data becoming major input for calculation and design single screw propeller. From propeller with 2-blade and Ae/Ao = 0.70 upto propeller with 7-blade and Ae/Ao =1.05.
The data have been used until today, wide use from manual calculation until computer software development. Some polynomial equation have been created with reference from this curve.
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Data babon untuk mendesain propeller kapal, sangat penting dalam menuntaskan TR-5 Propeller drawing (kurikulum 1994)

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