20 August 2008

[4S/yim230] Hidrodynamics of Ship Propeller - Introduction-

Designing propellers for ships has always been a challenge due to the complexity of all the factors involved.
These factors are not only related to the propeller itself but also to the hull and the propulsion system which must work together as integrated systems in an optimized and reliable way.
Since, the propeller is an important part of the propulsion plant. The propeller must be carefully
designed in conjunction with each specific vessel in order to obtain not only a high efficiency but also a high level of comfort.
This paper is introduction for deep investigation on propeller design area. It has been described main factor that should be concern such as efficiency of design propeller, the noise and vibration level or other operational parameters.
Independent of the type of ship, a higher propeller efficiency can be translated into a proportional decrease in fuel consumption which over the lifetime of the ship can accumulate a substantial saving.
The knowledge of complete propulsion plant technology possessed by MAN B&W ensures the customer that the propeller is designed in an optimum manner with due regard to all parts of the propulsion plant, ship’s hull and operating profile.[yirf]


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