19 January 2009

[yme2071] Text-book of theorectical naval architecture -Atwood (1917)

This book is one of classic book regarding of Naval Architecture studies. The material was described here become an fondation for further research. Many of subject still use untill today.

THIS book has been prepared in order to provide students and draughtsmen engaged in Shipbuilders' and Naval Architects drawing offices with a text-book which should explain the calculations which continually have to be performed. It is intended, also, that the work, and more especially its later portions, shall serve as a text-book for the theoretical portion of the examinations of the Science and Art Department in Naval Architecture. It has not been found possible to include all the subjects given in the Honours portion of the syllabus, such as advanced stability work, the rolling of ships, the vibration of ships, etc. These subjects will be found fully treated in one or other of the books given in the list on page 488.

A special feature of the book is the large number of examples given in the text and at the ends of the chapters. By means of these examples, the student is able to test his grasp of the principles and processes given in the text. It is hoped that these examples, many of which have been taken from actual drawing office calculations, will form a valuable feature of the book.


  1. Areas, Volumes, Weights, Displacement, Etc. . .
  2. Moments, Centre Of Gravity, Centre Of Buoyancy, Displacement Table, Planimeter, Etc
  3. Conditions Of Equilibrium, Transverse Metacentre, Moment Of Inertia, Transverse BM, Inclining Experiment, Metacentric Height, Etc. ...
  4. Longitudinal Metacentre, Longitudinal BM, Change Of Trim
  5. Statical Stability, Curves Of Stability, Calculations For Curves Of Stability, Integrator, Dynamical Stability
  6. Calculations Of Weights Strength Of Butt Connections, Davits, Pillars, Derricks, Shaft Brackets
  7. Strains Experienced By Ships Curves Of Loads, Shearing Force, And Bending Moment Equiva- Lent Girder, "Smith" Correction, Trochoidal Wave
  8. Horse-Power, Effective And Indicated Resistance Of Ships Coefficients Of Speed Law Of Comparison Propulsion
  9. The Rolling Of Ships
  10. The Turning Of Ships Strength Of Rudder Heads
  11. Launching Calculations
A. Sundry Proofs, Tchebycheff'S And Brown'S Displacement Sheet, Etc., And Miscellaneous Examples . .
B. Tables Of Logarithms
Table of Sines, Tangents And Cosines
Squares And Cubes
C. Syllabus Of Naval Architecture Examinations
D. Questions At Naval Architecture Examinations

Answers To Questions

# Title : Text-book of Theorectical Naval Architecture (1917)
# Author: Attwood, Edward Lewis, 1871-
# Unknown Binding: 494 pages
# Publisher: Longmans, Green, and co; Revised & enlarged edition (1917)
# Language: English
# ASIN: B0008ALO70
1917 edition
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