06 January 2009

Master's Guide to Hatch Cover Maintenance

It is the aim of this guide to explain the key issues of hatch cover security and to steer mariners towards active maintenance. It is less expensive to keep hatch covers weathertight by regular maintenance and attention to detail, than to pay claims for wet-damaged cargo. It is crucial for safety at sea and protection of the environment to maintain hatch cover weathertightness and strength.

This guide concerns steel hatch covers fitted with cleats, compression bars and gaskets.

1 Hatch Covers and their Function
2 Basic Advice
3 Common False Beliefs about Hatch Covers
4 Leakage Problems
5 Leak Detection Tests
6 Monitoring and Inspection
7 Maintenance and Repair
8 Heavy Weather Precautions
9 Safety when Working with Hatch Covers
Appendix 1 Procedures to Open and Close Hatch Covers
Appendix 2 Hatch Cover Condition Assessment Forms

Author(s): Lloyd's Register and The Standard
Published: 2002
Binding: Spiral bound
ISBN 10: 1856092321 ISBN 13: 9781856092326


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