28 January 2009

[yim326] Advanced Welding Processes - Norrish

Welding has traditionally been regarded as a craft rather than a technological manufacturing process. This reputation has not been helped by the dependence of conventional joining techniques on highly skilled manual operators and the relatively high cost and poor reproduceability associated with many welding processes. Developments in welding technology have in the past been based largely on metallurgical research, which has enabled a wide range of materials to be joined, adequate joint properties to be maintained and the integrity of welded joints to be con- trolled. Whilst further work is still required in the materials research area, in particular to enable advanced materials to be joined effectively, much of the recent effort has been devoted to improved understanding of the basic processes, consumable and equipment development and control and automation.

This book outlines the common production welding processes, discusses developments in
consumables and processes and covers in some detail the developments in electronic power regulation, computer control, automation and process monitoring. It attempts to draw together the latest work in each area and indicates how the advances in welding technology may be used to produce cost-effective joints of appropriate quality.

1 An Introduction to Welding Processes
Introduction - Conventional welding processes - Summary
2 Advanced Process Development Trends
Introduction - Safety and environmental factors - Skill and training requirements - Areas for development - Process application trends - Summary
3 Welding Power Source Technology
Introduction - Basic power source requirements - Conventional power source designs - electronic power regulation systems - Output level, sequence and function control - Practical implications of electronic power regulation and control - Summary
4 Filler Materials for Arc Welding
Introduction - MMA consumables - Submerged arc welding consumables - Filler wires for GMAW and FCAW - Summary
5 Gases for Advanced Welding Processes
Introduction - Shielding gases for arc welding processes - Gases for laser welding - Summary
6 Advanced GTAW
Introduction - Process developments - Process variants - Control of GTAW and related processes - Summary
7 Gas Metal Arc Welding
Introduction - Metal transfer in GMAW - The physics of metal transfer - Summary: metal transfer phenomena - Control of conventional GMAW - Summary: process control - Recent
developments in the GMAW process - Summary
8 High Energy Density Processes
Introduction - Plasma keyhole welding - Laser welding - Electron beam welding - Summary 206
9 Narrow-gap Welding Techniques
Introduction - Principles and features of narrow-gap welding Narrow-gap welding processes - Summary and implications - Monitoring and Control of Welding Processes - Introduction - Manual control techniques - Monitoring - Automatic control techniques - Summary and implications
10. Welding Automation and Robotics
Introduction - Automation options - Simple mechanization - Dedicated and special-purpose automation - Robotic welding - Modular automation Programmable control - Remote-control slave and automatic systems - Advances in welding automation - Evaluation and justification of automated welding] - Summary

# Advanced Welding Processes (New Manufacturing Processes and Materials Series)
# Author: J. Norrish
# Hardcover: 375 pages
# Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing; 1 edition (July 2, 1992)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0852743254
# ISBN-13: 978-0852743256


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