07 January 2009

[yim312] Surface Phenomena in Fusion Welding Processes

The manufacturing industry currently employs a wide variety of welding processes. The main technological process applied in the production of weldments is fusion welding. Presenting the latest research on the topic, Surface phenomena in fusion welding processes is a cutting-edge and comprehensive book that details the various courses of action that occur during welding procedures.
It explains established regularities that are useful in the development of processes; details the formation of defects, allowing for an understanding of the role of surface properties and surface phenomena during the formation of defects; and describes welding in space, elucidating the determination role of surface phenomena in that environment. The text also contains 217 figures, 29 tables, and 336 equations to provide the reader with a better understanding of the various processes.
In the development of welding technologies, as well as welding consumables, it is essential to know and to take into account both the surface properties of the applied materials and the surface phenomena that affect the boundaries of contacting phases. Surface phenomena in fusion welding processes presents this knowledge in a thorough and accessible manner, making it the ideal reference for practical and scientific specialists in the fields of welding and metallurgy.


Chapter 1 Characterization of the Fusion Welding Process
Some Features of Fusion Welding - Welding Heat Sources - Fusion Welding Processes - Physicochemical Processes of Welded Joint Formation

Chapter 2 Surface Properties and Phenomena
Surface Properties and Phenomena on the Boundaries of Contacting Phases - Determination of Surface Properties of Melts - Methods of Measurement of the Surface Tension of Solids Metals - Methods to Determine the Surface Energy of the Interphases - Wettability, Spreading, and Electrocapillary Phenomena

Chapter 3 Results of Studying the Surface Properties and Phenomena
Surface Tension of Molten and Solid Metals - Interphase Surface Energies in Metal-Slag and Solid Metal-Melt Systems - Wettability and Spreading of Metal Melts Over the Surface of Solids - Influence of Welding Heat Sources on Wettability and Spreading - Wettability of the Solid Metal by Nonmetal Melts - Electrocapillary Phenomena in Metal-Slag System

Chapter 4 Electrode-Metal Transfer and Surface Phenomena
Forces Influencing Electrode-Metal Transfer - Transfer and Spatter of Electrode Metal in Welding in a Gaseous Medium - Transfer of the Electrode Metal Contacting the Slag

Chapter 5 Formation of Weld and Deposited Metal
Weld and Serviceability of a Welded Structure - Formation of the Penetration Zone - Formation of the Weld Bead and Root - Formation of the Deposited Metal - Defects of Weld Shape and Surface Phenomena

Chapter 6 Non-Metallic Inclusions
Non-Metallic Inclusions in the Welds - Nucleation of Non-Metallic Inclusions in the Weld Pool - Coarsening of Non-Metallic Inclusions in the Weld Pool - Removal of Non-Metallic Inclusions from the Weld Pool

Chapter 7 Porosity in Welds
Pores and Performance of a Welded Joint - Formation of Gas Bubble Nuclei - Formation of Gas Bubble Nuclei in a Heterogeneous Environment - Growth of Gas Bubbles in the Weld Pool - Escape of Gas Bubbles from the Molten Metal

Chapter 8 Solidification Cracking
Solidification Cracks: Factors Affecting Their Formation and Test Methods - Mechanism of the Effect of Metal Melts on the Fracture of Solid Metals - Effect of Low-Melting Non-Metallic Melts on the Mechanical Properties of Solid Metals - Effect of Low-Melting Melts on Solidification Cracking

Chapter 9 Development of Welding and Surfacing Technologies with Allowance for Surface Phenomena
Welding of Composite Fiber-Reinforced Materials - Electron Beam Surfacing - Welding and Surfacing of Copper-Steel Parts - Manufacture of Metal Cutting Tools with a Deposited Cutting Edge - The Role of Surface Phenomena in the Submerged-Arc Welding and Surfacing Processes - Surface Phenomena Occurring in Welding and Surfacing in Space

# Title : Surface Phenomena in Fusion Welding Processes
# Author : Deyev, German, Deyev, Dmitriy
# Publisher: CRC
# Number Of Pages: 424
# Publication Date: 2005-12-19
# ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0849398835
# ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780849398834
# Binding: Hardcover

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