23 January 2009

[yim324] Welding Metallurgy - Sindo Kou

* Updated to include new technological advancements in welding
* Uses illustrations and diagrams to explain metallurgical phenomena
* Features exercises and examples

Content :
1 Fusion Welding Processes.
2 Heat Flow in Welding.
3 Chemical Reactions in Welding.
4 Fluid Flow and Metal Evaporation in Welding.
5 Residual Stresses, Distortion, and Fatigue.
6 Basic Solidification Concepts.
7 Weld Metal Solidification I: Grain Structure.
8 Weld Metal Solidification II: Microstructure within Grains.
9 Post-Solidification Phase Transformations.
10 Weld Metal Chemical Inhomogeneities.
11 Weld Metal Solidification Cracking.
12 Formation of the Partially Melted Zone.
13 Difficulties Associated with the Partially Melted Zone.
14 Work-Hardened Materials.
15 Precipitation-Hardening Materials I: Aluminum Alloys.
16 Precipitation-Hardening Materials II: Nickel-Base Alloys.
17 Transformation-Hardening Materials: Carbon and Alloy Steels.
18 Corrosion-Resistant Materials: Stainless Steels

# Title : Welding Metallurgy
# Author : Sindo Kou
# Hardcover: 480 pages
# Publisher: Wiley-Interscience; 2 edition (November 1, 2002)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0471434914
# ISBN-13: 978-0471434917

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