16 October 2008

[.DF Ship Struc]Structures Arangements

- PNA Vol 1: Stability and Strength 2nd ed... more
- Marpol 73/78 - 2002...more
- Ship Construction 5th edition..more

- Theory of Plates and Shells ..more
- Strength of Materials and Structures By Carl T. F. Ross

Standard and Code

- BV Rules For The Classification of Ships (2000) : Part A, Part B_1,
Part B_2, Part B_3, Part C_1, Part C_2, Part C_3, Part D, Part E_1,Part E_2, Part E_3, Part F_1, Part F_2
- ABS Guidance Notes on The Inspection, Maintenance and The Application of Marine Coatings Systems
- ABS Publication Steel Vessel Rules 2008 (complete version) ...more
- ISPS Code – Practical Pack..

- Guide To The Collision Avoidance Rules ..
- LR Rulefinder 2006....mrene

Dynamics of Offshore Structures
- Dynamics of Structures A Primer By Anil K. Chopra
- Mechanics of Composite Structures
- Durability of Concrete Structures By G. C. Mays
- Fatigue of Structures and Materials By Jaap Schijve
- Wind Loading of Structures By J.d. Holmes
- Testing of Concrete in Structures By J.H. Bungey
- Monitoring and Assessment of Structures By G.s.t. Armer

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