14 October 2008

[4S/DF] AWS D3.6M_93 Specification For Underwater Welding

This specification covers the requirements for welding structures or components under the surface of water. It includes welding in both dry and wet environments. Sections 1 through 6 constitute the general requirements for underwater welding while sections 7 through 10 contain the special requirements applicable to four individual classes of weld:
Class A - Comparable to above-water welding
Class B - For less critical applications
Class C - Where load bearing is not a primary consideration
Class O - To meet the requirements of another designated code or specification


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Arif said...

Bisa minta lagi AWS D3.6


yirfan said...

diubek2 dhisik 1ndow3bst3r.com yah
wes ono nng kono

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