29 October 2008

[PE/yim211] An Assessment of Maritime Trade and Technology (1983)

This assessment of Maritime Trade and Technology traces prevailing conditions and dominant trends that are important to the way the Federal Government assumes its responsibility
for developing and implementing policy. The report contains analyses of the world
outlook for trade, shipping, and shipbuilding. It identifies the extent of U. S. participation
in these enterprises. It analyses the U.S. shipping and shipbuilding industries and identifies
certain weak and strong attributes. It discusses trends in technology as well as in the
policies of the United States and of our major trading partners.
OTA received valuable assistance in the preparation of this assessment from its advisory panel, which represented a cross section of U, S. maritime industry, labor, and user interests. The panel provided critiques and advice throughout the assessment and particularly during a detailed review of this final report. Other contributors to the assessment were contractors and individual consultants who provided valuable analyses of specific topics that were integrated into the overall report. OTA sincerely appreciates the quality of work and dedication of all contributors.
OTA has found that, although there are both healthy and troubled segments of the
U.S. maritime industries, all sectors are becoming increasingly dependent on Federal policy decisions. And, with increasing competition in world trade as well as shipping services to carry that trade, intervention by all governments is more and more prevalent.

Table of Contents

1: Summary
2: World Trade and Shipping
3: The U.S. Shipping Industry
4: The U.S. Shipbuilding Industry: Status and Trends in Technology and Productivity
5: Status and Trends in Ship Design and Operating Technology
6: U.S. Maritime Policies
7: International Trade and Cargo Policies

A: Administration Announcements on Maritime Policy, 1982-83
B: Maritime Cargo Policies of 64 Foreign Countries 1982-83
C: Federal Departments With Maritime Responsibilities Related to Commercial Shipping and Shipbuilding Industries
D: Glossary of Acronyms and Terms

#An Assessment of Maritime Technology and Trade
#(Washington, D.C.: U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment, OTA-O-220, October 1983).
#NTIS order #PB85-239887
#Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 83-600606

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