27 October 2008

[4S/CF05] UL 263 : Fire Resistance Ratings

NSI/UL 263 : Fire Resistance Ratings

This category covers fire-rating Classifications based upon the test method and acceptance criteria in ANSI/UL 263 (ASTM E119 and NFPA 251), "Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials." The ratings are expressed in hours and are applicable to floor-ceilings, roof-ceilings, beams, columns, walls and partitions.

The average furnace temperature from which these ratings are derived is 1000°F at 5 min., 1400°F at 15 min., 1550°F at 30 min., 1700°F at 60 min., 1850°F at 120 min., 1925°F at 180 min. and 2000°F at 240 min.

When a test assembly complies with the acceptance criteria, a detailed description of the assembly, its performance in the fire test and other pertinent details such as specification of materials, Classification coverage and alternate assembly details are included in a Report for the test sponsor. Sponsors may provide copies of the complete Test Report upon request. The Report also contains a summary of important features of the rated assembly. These summaries are also published in this Directory. Variations from the published specifications should be considered as not being investigated by UL.

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