30 October 2008

[4S/yim250] RESISTANCE OF CONVENTIONAL SHIP FORMS WITH LARGE BULBOUS BOWS (Series 60-CB = 0.60, Series 60-CB= 0.70) : Final Report

In developing an efficient hull form, the naval architect automatically provides for beneficial interference between the bow, stern, and shoulders transverse wave systems. The addition of a bulbous bow, which generateslarge divergent and small transverse wave components, is aimed at cancelling the divergent component of the bow wave system.
Techniques for optimizing bulb designs are somewhat different for the two following cases:
(a) a bulb fitted to an existing hull, and
(b) a hull designed with an integral bulb.
This part of the report deals with case
(a), and the necessary techniques of fitting a bulb to an existing hull are explained.
In this case, a series of five bulbs for Series 60, CB = 0.60, hull form were designed and tested. The most serious problem is that the location and amplitude of the divergent wave system of the bulbless hull are unknown. These, however, may be fairly accurately estimated.
For this experimental research project on a large bow bulb fitted to a conventional ship hull, the Series 60, CB = 0.60, LBp/ /3 = 6.165,was chosen as being a typical hull form.
Five different bulbs were designed and tested when fitted to the Series 60, CB = 0.60 hull form.

Introduction-Model and Bulb Designs-Test Procedure and Results-Conclusions-Tables-Figures
Introduction-Model and Bulb Designs-Test Procedure and Results-Conclusions-Tables-Figures

Title: Resistance of conventional ship forms with large bulbous bows : 1. series 60, CB=0.60 : 2. series 60, CB-0.70 : final report
Authors: Takahei, Tetsuo.
Issue Date: 1964
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN College of Engineering Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

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