11 September 2008

[.DF ShipHyd] Hydro-Static & Dynamics

  • Introduction of Naval Architecture 3rd Ed. .. more
  • Basic Ship Theory Vol.1+2...more
  • PNA Vol 1: Stability and Strength 2nd ed... more
  • PNA Vol. 3 :Motions in Waves and Controllability 2nd ed. ..more
  • Practical Ship Hydrodinamics
Propeller and Resistance
  • Series-60:Methodical Experiment With Models of Single-Screw Merchant Ships ..more
  • Hydrodynamics for Ocean Engineers : Marine Propeller...more
  • An Approximate Power Prediction Method...more
  • A Statistical Re-analysis of Resistance and Propulsion Data...more
  • Lecture notes (MIT) : Resistance and Propulsion ...more
  • Hidrodynamics of Ship Propeller...more
  • KT-KQ Diagram Wageningen B-Series Propeller ..more
  • Research on Ducted Propeller NSMB ... more
  • Basic Principles of Ship Propulsion..more
Ship Stability
  • Ship Stability Notes & Examples ..more
  • Ship Hydrostatics and Stability ...more
  • Ship Stability for Master and Mates..more
Ship Dynamics
  • Ship Motion Control: Course Keeping and Roll Stabilisation Using Rudder and Fins..more
  • Practical Ship Hydrodynamics ..more
  • I C M R T 2nd - 2007 ...More

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