15 September 2008

[PF/DC] 2007 Ship Structure Commitee Symposium...and more

The 2007 Ship Structure Committee (SSC) Symposium was held on Thursday, October 4, 2007, in Houston, Texas at Hotel Zaza

Session I. Aluminum
  1. "Mechanical Collapse Testing on Aluminum Stiffened Plate Structures for Marine Applications" - Prof. Jeom Kee Paik (Pusan National University), Celine Andrieu (Alcan Marine France), and H. Paul Cojeen (US Coast Guard) [http://www.shipstructure.org/pdf/2007symp01.pdf]
  2. "Improving Fatigue Life for Aluminum Cruciform Joints by Weld Toe Grinding" - Drs. Naiquan Ye and Torgeir Moan(Norwegian University of Science & Technology) [http://www.shipstructure.org/pdf/2007symp02.pdf]
  3. "Welding Distortion Analysis of Hull Blocks Using Equivalent Load Method Based on Inherent Strain" - Prof. Chang Doo Jang, and Young Tae Kim, Young Chun Jo, and Hyun Su Ryu (Seoul National University), [http://www.shipstructure.org/pdf/2007symp03.pdf]
Session II. Aluminum / Structures
  1. "The Impact of Welds on the Ultimate Strength of Aluminum Structures" - Dr. Matthew D. Collette (SAIC) [http://www.shipstructure.org/pdf/2007symp04.pdf]
  2. "Ultimate Strength of Frames and Grillages Subject to Lateral Loads - An Experimental Study" -Prof. Claude Daley (Memorial University Newfoundland), Greg Hermanski (Institute for Ocean Technology - NRC), and Mihailo Pavic (BMT Fleet Technology Ltd) [http://www.shipstructure.org/pdf/2007symp05.pdf]
  3. "Research Needs in Aluminum Structures" - Dr. Robert Sielski (Naval Architect) [http://www.shipstructure.org/pdf/2007symp06.pdf]

  1. "New Directions in Ship Structural Regulations" - Prof. Claude Daley (Memorial University Newfoundland), Andrew Kendrick (BMT Fleet Technology Ltd) and Mikhail Pavic (BMT Fleet Technology Ltd) [http://www.shipstructure.org/pdf/2007symp07.pdf]
  2. "A Method for the Quantitative Assessment of Performance of Alternative Designs in the Accidental Condition" - Dr. Jonathan Downes (Newcastle University), Colin Moore (Herbert Engineering Corp.), Atilla Incecik (Newcastle University), Estelle Stumpf (Bureau Veritas), and John McGregor (Bureau Veritas) [http://www.shipstructure.org/pdf/2007symp08.pdf]
  3. "Extreme Waves and Ship Design" - Dr. Craig Smith (Dockside Consultants, Inc.) [http://www.shipstructure.org/pdf/2007symp09.pdf]
  1. "Design of X-joints in Sandwich Structures for Naval Vessels" - Dr. Brian Hayman (Det Norske Veritas), Christian Berggreen (Technical University of Denmark), Christian Lundsgaard-Larsen (Technical University of Denmark) [http://www.shipstructure.org/pdf/2007symp10.pdf]
  2. "Hydrodynamic Pressure and Structural Loading of High-Speed Catamaran and SES" - Dr. William S. Vorus (University of New Orleans), Robert Sedat (US Coast Guard) [http://www.shipstructure.org/pdf/2007symp11.pdf]
  3. "Recent Hydrodynamic Tool Development and Validation for Motions and Slam Loads on Ocean-Going High -Speed Vessels" - Drs. Woei-Min Lin and Matthew Collette (SAIC), David Lavis (CDI Marine), Stuart Jessup (NSWCCD), John Kuhn (SAIC) [http://www.shipstructure.org/pdf/2007symp12.pdf]
List of full SSC Reports and previous symposium that be held by Ship Structure Committe since 1975 can be found here.

All Material are downloadable, Total number of SSC reports listed: 639
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