12 September 2008

[PW/DC] I C M R T 2nd - 2007 Session C

List of Paper which available on proceeding ICMRT 2nd - 2007 :

Session C - Propulsion, Marine Engineering and Equipment

  1. Computer-Based Design Tool For A Fuel Efficient - Low Emissions Marine Propulsion Plants (Marco Altosole, Michela Borlenghi, Marco Capasso, Massimo Figari) …link D/L
  2. Energy Saving In Trawlers: Practical And Theoretical Approaches (Gaetano Messina, Emilio Notti) …link D/L
  3. Nitric Oxides Emission Estimation Based On Measuring Of Work Parameters Of Ship Two-Stroke Engine (Jerzy Kowalski, Wieslaw Tarelko) …link D/L
  4. Performance Of Auxiliary Wind Propulsion For Merchant Ships Using A Kite (Peter Naaijen, Vincent Koster) …link D/L
  5. Exact Modeling Of Trailing Vorticity In Panel Method For Marine Propeller (Stefano Gaggero, Stefano Brizzolara) …link D/L
  6. Advanced Propulsion Gears For Large Yachts (Franz Hoppe, Bernhard Vollmer) …link D/L
  7. Performance Prediction Of A Faulty Marine Diesel Engine Under Different Governor Settings (Giovanni Benvenuto, Ugo Campora) …link D/L
  8. A Feasibility Study Of An Ocean Power Plant Using A Mega Yacht System (Yutaka Terao, Keisuke Watanabe, Masaru Wakita) …link D/L
  9. Performance Of A Family Of Surface Piercing Propellers (Marco Ferrando, Stefano Crotti, Michele Viviani) …link D/L
  10. 6440 Dwt River-Sea Navigation Tanker With Rudder-Propellers (Gennadiy V. Egorov, Yuriy I. Isupov, Igor A. Ilnitskyy) …link D/L
  11. A New Type Of Exaust Gas Silencer On Board Of Cruise Ships : Performances And Advantages (Francesco De Lorenzo, Morena Cantamessa) …link D/L
  12. Low Reynolds Number Turbulent Flow Past Thrusters Of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (Lucia Sileo) …link D/L
  13. Numerical Analysis Of Propeller Performance By Lifting Surface Theory (Davide Grassi, Stefano Brizzolara) …link D/L
compacted all paper on Session C in one file here

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