05 September 2008

[PW/DC] I C M R T 2nd - 2007 Session B

List of Paper which available on proceeding ICMRT 2nd - 2007 :

Session B - Structures and Ocean Engineering

  1. Accuracy Of CFD Codes In The Prediction Of Planing Surfaces Hydrodyamic Characteristics (Stefano Brizzolara, Francesco Serra) …link D/L
  2. A Study On Practical Design Loads Due To Green Water Used For Structural Strength Assessment Of A Water Breaker Of Container Ships (Tingyao Zhu, Toshiyuki Matsumoto, Toshiro Koiwa, Norikazu Abe, Ryuji Miyake) …link D/L
  3. GFRP Sandwich Composites: Calibration Of A Numerical Model By Large Scale Tests (Giovanni Carrera, Cesare Mario Rizzo, Maria Paola Salio) …link D/L
  4. Experimental Wave Loads And Numerical Predictions Obtained On A Model-Scale Hull Form Of The U.S. Navy Research Vessel ATHENA (Toby J. Ratcliffe, Anne Fullerton, Lauren Russell, Douglas Dommermuth) …link D/L
  5. Wave Reflection From Low Crested Breakwaters ( Mario Calabrese, Pasquale Di Pace, Mariano Buccino) …link D/L
  6. Considerations On Dimensioning Of Garage Decks (Antonio Campanile, Masino Mandarino, Vincenzo Piscopo) …link D/L
  7. A 2-D Numerical Model for Linear Long Wave Propagation in Boundary-fitted Curvilinear Grids (Sevil Deniz Yakan , Çiğdem Akan, Serdar Beji) …link D/L
  8. On The Analysis Of Transverse Strength Of A Ship's Hull (Turtoro Maria, Turtoro Armando) …link D/L
  9. Qualitative And Quantitative Features Of Wave Breaking Over A Submerged Breakwater, And Effects On Nonlinear Wave-Structure Interaction (Mario Calabrese, Mariano Buccino, Francesco Pasanisi) …link D/L
  10. Numerical Modeling Of Wave Runup Over Slopes Covered With Vegetation (Haoliang Chen, Pengzhi Lin, Chan Eng Soon) …link D/L
  11. Improving The Quality Of Air-Plasma Cutting Of Ship Hull Steel By Water Addition Into Plasma (Viktor V. Kvasnytskyy, Gennadiy V. Egorov, Zhorzh G. Goloborod'ko, V.F. Kvasnytskyy , Anatoliy M. Pototnya) …link D/L
  12. The Impact Of New Marpol Regulations On Bulk Carrier Design: A Case Study (Marcello Barone, Antonio Campanile, Francesco Caprio, Ernesto Fasano) …link D/L
  13. Noise And Vibration On Board Of Cruise Ships :Are New Standards Effective? (Marco Biot, Francesco de Lorenzo) …link D/L
  14. Critical Analysis Of Current Codes On Fatigue Design Of Welded Joints (Giuseppe Chiofalo, Vincenzo Crupi, Eugenio Guglielmino, Letterio Scibilia) …link D/L
  15. A Numerical Method For The Shear Stress Determination (Antonio Campanile, Masino Mandarino, Vincenzo Piscopo, Maria Turtoro) …link D/L
  16. Structural Design Of An Innovative Passenger Vessel (Dario Boote, Donatella Mascia) …link D/L
  17. On The Design Of Ice-Strengthened Superyachts (Alberto MARINO' , Vittorio BUCCI) …link D/L
  18. IACS New Common Rules For Tankers: Impact On Structural Design And Fatigue Strength Evaluation (Marco Biot, Andrea Caputi, Enrico Brina) …link D/L
compacted all paper on Session B in one file here

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