05 September 2008

[PW/DF] I C M R T 2nd - 2007 Session A

List of Paper which available on proceeding ICMRT 2nd - 2007 :

Session A - Hydrodynamics and Ship Design

  1. Probability Of Contact Between The Approaching Channel Bottom And Hull Of A Ship Going In Irregular Waves(Yuriy L. Vorobyov, Mubariz Madatov) …link D/L
  2. A Unified Seakeeping And Maneuvering Analysis Of Two Interacting Ships (Renato Skejic, Odd M. Faltinsen) …link D/L
  3. Numerical Simulation Of The Effect Of Lifting Appendages On Boat Seakeeping (Manh Hung Nguyen, Malick Ba, Serge Huberson, Michel Guilbaud) …link D/L
  4. On The Frequency-Dependent Coefficients In Ship Maneuvering Model(E.Milanov, V.Chotukova) …link D/L
  5. Numerical Simulation Of The "Plow-In" Phenomena (John G. Hoyt III, Ray-Q. Lin) …link D/L
  6. Cfd Analysis Of A Flow Through Sea Water Activated Batteries Of A High Speed Submerged Body(HN Das, P Jayakumar) …link D/L
  7. The Influence Of The Bow Shape On The Operability Of A Fast Ship In A Seaway(J.A.Keuning, J.L.Gelling) …link D/L
  8. Analysis Of Factors Affecting Extreme Ship Motions In Following And Quartering Seas(Chang Seop Kwon, Dong Jin Yeo, Key Pyo Rhee, Sang Woong Yun) …link D/L
  9. Time domain evaluation of vertical motions of high-speed displacement hulls(Dario Bruzzone, Alessandro Grasso) …link D/L
  10. A Numerical Validation of Resistance Reduction through Waterline Parabolization for Small Displacement Craft (Sander M. Calisal, Voytek Klaptocz, James McRoberts, Kevin Gould, Omer Goren) …link D/L
  11. Modeling the Effects of Ship Appendages on the Six-degree Of Freedom Ship Motions (Ray-Qing Lin, Weijia Kuang) …link D/L
  12. Efficient Innovative Technologies Applicable To Both New Building And Existing Vessels(Mihail Mihaylov) …link D/L
  13. Control Of Ship Motion In Manoeuvring Situations(Leszek Morawski, Nguyen Cong Vinh) …link D/L
  14. Hull Form Configuration Study Of A Low Wake Wash Catamaran Leisure Boat(Omar Yaakob, Mohd. Afifi Abd. Mukti, Ahmad Nasirudin, Mohd. Arizam Abdul Wahab) …link D/L
  15. Maneuverability Of A Wavepiercing High-Speed Catamaran At Low Speed In Strong Wind(Takuya Oura, Yoshiho Ikeda) …link D/L
  16. A Unified Mathematical Model For High Speed Hybrid (Air And Water-Borne) Vehicles(Maurizio Collu, Minoo H Patel, Florent Trarieux) …link D/L
  17. Identification Of Hydrodynamic Coefficients From Standard Manoeuvres For A Series Of Twin-Screw Ships(Michele Viviani, Carlo Podenzana Bonvino, Roberta Depascale, Francesco Conti, Massimo Soave) …link D/L
  18. Coupling Of Implicit-Expplicit Methods For Two-Phase Flow With A Fully Volume Preserving Method(N. Coulibaly, A. Hage, J. Marchal) …link D/L
  19. Prediction of Effective Wake at Model and Full Scale Using a RANS Code with an Actuator Disk Model (Antonio Sánchez-Caja, JaakkoV. Pylkkänen) …link D/L
  20. Computational Investigation Of A Hull(Y.Hakan Özdemir, Seyfettin Bayraktar, Tamer Yılmaz) …link D/L
  21. Kurtosis: A Statistical Approach To Identify Defect In Rolling Bearings(F. De Lorenzo, M. Calabrò) …link D/L
  22. Influence Of Damping On The Roll Motion Of Ships(Emre PESMAN, Deniz BAYRAKTAR, Metin TAYLAN) …link D/L
  23. Navigation In Confined Waters: Influence Of Bank Characteristics On Ship-Bank Interaction(Evert LATAIRE, Marc VANTORRE, Erik LAFORCE, Katrien ELOOT, Guillaume DELEFORTRIE) …link D/L
  24. Computational Analysis Of Wind Velocity And Direction Effects On A Sail (Seyfettin Bayraktar, Y.Hakan Özdemir, Tamer Yılmaz) …link D/L
  25. A Parallel Unsteady RANS Code For The Numerical Simulations Of Free Surface Flows(Riccardo Broglia, Andrea Di Mascio, Giorgio Amati) …link D/L
  26. The Intact Ship Stability Code: Present Status And Future Developments(Alberto Francescutto) …link D/L
  27. Medium Speed Catamaran With Large Central Bulbs: Experimental Investigation On Resistance And Vertical Motions(Igor Zotti) …link D/L
  28. Some Data And Techniques Suitable For The Conceptual And Preliminary Design Of High-Speed Ferries(Vittorio Boccolini, Tommaso Coppola) …link D/L
  29. Field Investigation On Wake Wash Generated By Hsc In The Bay Of Naples(Ermina Begovic, Guido Benassai, Erica Nocerino, Antonio Scamardella ) …link D/L
  30. Non-monohedral Planing Hull Resistance Assessment (Carlo Bertorello, Luciano Oliviero) …link D/L
  31. On The Use Of U-Type Stabilizing Tanks For Reducing Roll Motions In Head Seas(Marcelo A. S. Neves, Jorge A. Merino, Claudio A. Rodríguez, Luiz Felipe N. Soares) …link D/L
compacted all paper on Session A in one file here

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