05 September 2008

[4S/yim215] Ship Stability Notes & Examples

The main aim of this book is to help students pass exams in Ship Stability by presenting 66 worked examples together with another 50 exercise examples with final answers only. With this book ‘practice makes perfect’. Working through this book will give increased understanding of this subject. All of the worked examples show the quickest and most efficient method to a particular solution. Remember, in an exam, that time and inaccuracy can cost marks.

This book will be particularly helpful to Masters, Mates and Engineering Officers preparing for their exams. It will also be of great assistance to students of Naval Architecture/Ship Technology on courses, and initial years on undergraduate degree courses. It will also be very good as a quick reference aid to seagoing personnel and shore-based, staff associated with ship handling operation.

Useful formulae
Ship types and general characteristics
Ship stability – the concept
Chapter 1 - First Principles
[Length, mass, force, weight, moment etc. - Density and buoyancy - Centre of Buoyancy and Centre of Gravity - Design co-effts : Cb, Cm, Cw, Cp and CD TPC and fresh water allowances - Permeability for tanks and compartments - Fulcrums and weightless beams]
Chapter 2 - Simpson’s Rules – Quadrature
[Calculating areas using 1st, 2nd and 3rd rules - VCGs and LCGs of curved figures - Simpsonising areas for volumes and centroids - Comparison with Morrish’s rule - Sub-divided common intervals - Moment of Inertia about amidships and LCF - Moments of Inertia about the centreline]
Chapter 3 - Bending of Beams and Ships
[Shear force and bending moment diagrams for beams - Strength diagrams for ships]
Chapter 4 - Transverse Stability
[KB, BM, KM, KG and GM concept of ship stability - Proof of BM=I/V - Metacentric diagrams - Small angle stability (angles of heel up to 15°) - Large angle stability (angles of heel up to 90°) - Wall-sided format for GZ - Stable, Unstable and Neutral Equilibrium - Moment of weight tables]
[Suspended weights - Inclining experiment/stability test - Deadweight–moment curve – diagram and use of Natural rolling period TR – ‘Stiff’ and ‘tender’ ships - Loss of ukc when static vessel heels - Loss of ukc due to Ship Squat - Angle of heel whilst a ship turns]
Chapter 5 - Longitudinal Stability, i.e. Trim
[TPC and MCT 1 cm - Mean bodily sinkage, Change of Trim and Trim ratio - Estimating new end drafts - True mean draft - Bilging an end compartment - Effect on end drafts caused by change of density -
Chapter 6 - Dry-docking Procedures
[Practical considerations of docking a ship - Upthrust ‘P’ and righting moments - Loss in GM]
Chapter 7 - Water and Oil Pressure
[Centre of Gravity and Centre of Pressure - Thrust and resultant thrust on lockgates and bulkheads - Simpson’s rules for calculating centre of pressure]
Chapter 8 - Free Surface Effects
[Loss in GM, or Rise in G effects - Effect of transverse subdivisions - Effect of longitudinal subdivisions]
Chapter 9 - Stability Data
[Load line rules for minimum GM and minimum GZ - Areas enclosed within a statical stability (S/S) curve - Seven parts on an statical stability (S/S) curve - Effects of greater freeboard and greater beam on an S/S curve - Angle of Loll and Angle of List comparisons - KN cross curves of stability - Dynamical stability and moment of statical stability]
Chapter 10 - Carriage of Stability Information
[Information supplied to ships - Typical page from a ship’s Trim & Stability book - Hydrostatic Curves – diagram and use of Concluding remarks]
Appendix I Revision one-liners
Appendix II Problems
Appendix III Answers to the 50 problems in Appendix II
Appendix IV How to pass exams in Maritime Studies

#Ship Stability Notes & Examples
#Dr. C. B. Barrass
# Paperback: 160 pages
# Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann; 3 edition (January 3, 2001)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0750648503
# ISBN-13: 978-0750648509

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