05 September 2008

[PW/DF] I C M R T 2nd - 2007

The Second International Conference on Marine Research and Transportation (ICMRT '07), organised by the Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering of the University of Naples "Federico II" and Department of Applied Sciences of the University of Naples "Parthenope" will be held on 28th – 30th June 2007 in ISCHIA (Gulf of Naples – Italy).

The overall aim of the Conference is to highlight the latest trends in ship design and the latest innovations related to marine research and technology.This purpose is to be achieved through the exchange of knowledge on the state of art of the research and on the results of the advanced technologies in sea transportation.

Technical papers concerning the following topics:
Computational Fluid Dynamics. Hydrodynamic Performances. Ship Design. Mega Yachts. Cruise Ships. Advanced High Speed Craft. Seakeeping and Operability. Manoeuvring. Hull Monitoring and Ride Control Systems. Stability. Survivability after Damage. Safety of Navigation. Marine Pollution and Environmental Impact. Human Factor and Training. Wave Loads. Structures and Materials. Propulsion. Marine Engineering and Ship Equipment. Ship Economy and Law.

Session A - Hydrodynamics and Ship Design (31 Paper) ...more

Session B - Structures and Ocean Engineering (18 Paper) ...more

Session C - Propulsion, Marine Engineering and Equipment (13 Paper) ...more

Session D - Maritime transportation and Management (11 Paper) ...more

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