21 September 2008

[4S/yim518]ABS- Rules for Aluminum Vesels

ABS - Rules for Building and Clasing

NOTICE No. 5 (effective 9 May 1996)
Section 35 Materials for Hull Construction
- 35.1.1.c (new), other will renumbered
- Mechanical Test specimens are taken as detailed in 35.9.3 (the temper H117, max value of ultimate tensile strength and minimum yield strength has been deleted from Tabel 35.3)
- Table 35.2, the composition requirements of magnesium is revised to comply with ASTM B26-86 and B108-87
- Tabel 35.3 Mechanical property limits of Non Heat Treatable Sheet and Plate Aluminum Alloy (comply with the latest ASTM B209-86 Standard)

NOTICE No. 4 (effective 11 May 1993)
Rules Changes
Table 35.3 is revised

NOTICE No. 3 (effective 13 May 1992)
Rules Changes
Subsection 36.1.5 and 36.1.7 are revised/deleted to eliminate the year of grace survey

NOTICE No. 2 (Effective 14 May 1991)
Rules Change
Subsection 32.2 added to provide requirements for the use of non-metallic flexible coupling to isolate stuffing boxes from the aluminum hull structure

NOTICE No. 1-A (Effective 8 May 1989)
Rules Change
Table 30.1 the yield strength for the annealed alloy 5083 is revised to comply with ASTM B209/209M
Table 30.2 the composition of silicon and iron is revised to comply with AWS A5.3-80 and A5.10-80. the column silicon and iron is deleted

NOTICE No. 1 (various effective date)
Rules Change
Section 1-Conditions of Classification is revised and reproduced
Section 36- Survey After Construction is deleted and replaced by the following text
Revision in Table 35.1, Table 35.3, Table 30.1, figure 30.5, figure 30.5A, Table 10.1, Table 30.2, Table 35.4, Table 35.7,35.8
Subsection 18.19 (added 18.19.3, other being renumbered)
Subsection 23.13.4 (deleted words "or for loading in the alternate holds)
Subsection 28.19
Corigenda 2.19.1, 2.19.2
Subsection 35.19.2 deleted subparagrahps a and b

Rules for the Construction and Classification of Aluminum Vessels
1. Conditions of Classification
2. Definitions
3. Generals
4. Keels, Stems and Stern Frames
5. Rudders and Steering Gears
6. Longitudinal Strength
7. Bottom Structure
8. Frames
9. Web Frames and Side Stringers
10. Beams
11. Stanchions and Deck Girders
12. Watertight Bulkheads
13. Deep Tanks
14. -
15. Shell Plating
16. Decks
17. Superstructures
18. Protection of Deck Openings
19. Machenry Space and Tunnel
20. Bulwark, Rails, Ports, Ventilators and Portlights
21. Ceiling and Sparring
22. Vessels Intended to Carry Oil in Bulk
23. Vessels Intended to Carry Oil in Bulk Cargoes
24. -
25. -
26. Corrosion and Coatings for Corrosion Prevention
27. -
28. Equipment
29. -
30. Welding in Hull Construction

Rules for the Construction and Classification of Machinery
31. Conditions of Classification of Machinery
32. Machinery Components
33. Electrical Installations
34. Pumps and Piping Systems

Rules for Inspection and Testing of Materials
35. Materials for Hull Construction

Rules for Surveys
36. Rules for Surveys

Appendix A Load Line and Tonnage Marks
Appendix B Administration and Technical Committees
Appendix C Bureau Offices
Appendix D Publications

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