10 September 2008

[PW/DC] I C M R T 2nd - 2007 Session D

List of Paper which available on proceeding ICMRT 2nd - 2007 :

Session D - Maritime transportation and Management

  1. The Influence Of Team Errors In Maritime Safety (Paul Bocanete, Radu Hanzu-Pazara) …link D/L
  2. The Case Studies For Oil Spill Simulation In Istanbul Strait (Sevilay Can, Fahri Çelik, Hüseyin Yılmaz, Tanzer Satır, Osman A. Bak) …link D/L
  3. Marine Insurance Claims In Shipping (Ioannis A.Mavrakis) …link D/L
  4. A New On–Board Computer Software Design Approach (Ivo Rakitin, Teodor Georgiev, Vladimir Rakitin) …link D/L
  5. An Application of Ubiquitous Technologies for Naval Ships: Crew Location Recognition System (Jin-Tae Lee, Jin-Hyoung Park, Seong Rak Cho, Dongkon Lee) …link D/L
  6. Numerical Simulation Of Recirculating Flow Near A Groyne (Quanhong Lin, Pengzhi Lin) …link D/L
  7. Port Reception Facilities: Using Multi Criteria Decision Making (Tanzer SATIR, Güler B. ALKAN, Sevilay CAN, Osman A. BAK) …link D/L
  8. The "Metrò Del Mare " An Experience Of Passenger Transport By Sea In Campania Region (V. Boccolini, T. Coppola, A. Paciolla, G. Landri) …link D/L
  9. Water Treatment Installation For Oil Product-, Surfactant Chemical- And Faeces-Polluted Waters (Mihail Mihaylov) …link D/L
  10. Optimization Of A Tri Foil Stabilization Wing For An HSC Multi Hull Using CFD (Salvatore Ricca, Valerio Ruggiero , Filippo Cucinotta, Andrea Russo) …link D/L
  11. Network Measures Of Mediteranean Liner Transport System (Dragan Čišić, Pavao Komadina, Bojan Hlača) …link D/L
compacted all paper on Session D in one file here

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