26 July 2008

[RS/yim240] Ship Stability for Master and Mates

Understanding ship stability is critical for all maritime students or professionals who are studying for a deck or engineering certificate of competency, or seeking promotion to a higher rank within any branch of the merchant marine or Navy.

Ship Stability for Masters and Mates, Fifth Edition
By Bryan Barrass,&nbspCapt D R Derrett,
* Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
* Number Of Pages: 448
* Publication Date: 1999
* ISBN / ASIN: 0705641010

List of Contents

Ship types and general characteristics
1 Forces and moments
2 Centroids and the centre of gravity
3 Density and specific gravity
4 Laws of rotation
5 Effect of density on draft and displacement
6 Transverse statical stability
7 Effect of free surface of liquids on stability
8 TPC and displacement curves
9 Form coeficients
10 Simpson's Rules for areas and centroids
11 Final KG
12 Calculating KB, BM and metacentric diagrams
13 List
14 Moments of statical stability
15 Trim
16 Stability and hydrostatic curves
17 Increase in draft due to list
18 Water pressure
19 Combined list and trim
20 Calculating the effect of free surface of liquids (FSE)
21 Bilging and permeability
22 Dynamical stability
23 Effect of beam and freeboard on stability
24 Angle of roll
25 True mean draft
26 The inclining experiment
27 Effect of trim on tank soundings
28 Drydocking and grounding
29 Second moments of areas
30 Liquid pressure and thrust. Centres of pressure
31 Ship squat
32 Heel due to turning
33 Unresisted rolling in still water
34 List due to bilging side compartments
35 The Deadweight Scale
36 Interaction
37 Effect of change of density on draft and trim
38 List with zero metacentric height
39 The Trim and Stability book
40 Bending of beams
41 Bending of ships
42 Strength curves for ships
43 Bending and shear stresses
44 Simplified stability information
Appendix I Standard abbreviations and symbols
Appendix II Summary of stability formulae
Appendix III Conversion tables
Appendix IV Extracts from the M.S. (Load Lines) Rules, 1968
Appendix V Department of Transport Syllabuses (Revised April 1995)
Appendix VI Specimen examination papers
Appendix VII Revision one-liners
Appendix VIII How to pass exams in Maritime Studies
Appendix IX Draft Surveys
Answers to exercises


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