12 March 2009

[yim019] ANSYS/Flotran Manual and Guidelines

The ANSYS/FLOTRAN derived product and the FLOTRAN CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) option to the other ANSYS products offer you comprehensive tools for analyzing two-dimensional and three-dimensional fluid flow fields.
We can achieve solutions for the following:

* Lift and drag on an airfoil
* The flow in supersonic nozzles
* Complex, three-dimensional flow patterns in a pipe bend.

In addition, you can use the features of ANSYS and ANSYS/FLOTRAN to perform tasks including:

* Calculating the gas pressure and temperature distributions in an engine exhaust manifold
* Studying the thermal stratification and breakup in piping systems
* Using flow mixing studies to evaluate potential for thermal shock
* Doing natural convection analyses to evaluate the thermal performance of chips in electronic enclosures.
* Heat exchanger studies involving different fluids separated by solid regions.

How to operate this software?

below list from ANSYS na STU Bratislava

ANSYS Commands Reference (Command Dictionary)
ANSYS Elements Reference (Element Dictionary)
Master Table of Contents for All Analysis Guides
ANSYS Basic Analysis Procedures Guide
ANSYS Modeling and Meshing Guide
ANSYS Structural Analysis Guide
ANSYS Thermal Analysis Guide
ANSYS CFD FLOTRAN Analysis Guide (pdf format : 4.2mB)
ANSYS Electromagnetic Field Analysis Guide
ANSYS Coupled-Field Analysis Guide
ANSYS Advanced Analysis Guide
ANSYS Operations Guide
Master Table of Contents for All Programming Guides
ANSYS APDL Programmer's Guide
Guide to Interfacing with ANSYS
ANSYS UIDL Programmer's Guide
ANSYS Guide to User Programmable Features
ANSYS Commands Topic Index
ANSYS Elements Topic Index
ANSYS Guides Topic Index
ANSYS Tutorials

Other Resources :
Introduce the finite element method using ANSYS and FLOTRAN
Best Practice Guidelines for Marine Applications of CFD
CFD Online

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