10 March 2009

(2006) Phillips - The Benefits of the One Primer Concept

Neil Phillips, The Benefits of the One Primer Concept, IE(I) Journal-MR Vol 87, January 2007

The Benefits of the One Primer Concept
Neil Phillips [Sigma Coatings]

This paper was presented and discussed at the 19th National Convention of Marine Engineers held at Pune during February 24–25, 2006.

With over 226.9 million deadweight on order and many of the major shipyards full until end 2008, the marine newbuilding industry appeared to be in a healthy state. However with up to 30% overcapacity in global shipbuilding, average vessel price has steadily decreased for the last few years and is only now starting to increase.
The result of this is that many shipyards are now more than ever having to look at cost reduction and lean production methods in order to remain competitive in a fast moving and aggressive business environment.
It is clear that a review of the entire coating process is necessary.

Coating Process, newbuilding, Efficiency, Economic Sense, one primer concept

Source :The Institution of Engineers (India)

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