08 March 2009

HRCAK2007 - 17800 The ultimate strength of the ship hull

Kalman Žiha, et.al., The ultimate strength of the ship hull, Brodogradnja, Vol.58 No.1 March 2007

Methodology of Ship Hydroelasticity Investigation
Kalman Žiha, Joško Parunov, Berislav Tušek

This review paper fi rst reveals for Croatian readers the basic issue and the history of ultimate strength and conclusions according to the International Ship Structure Committee. The following briefly recapitulates the practical method for ultimate strength analysis according to common rules of classifi cation societies and presents a computer program, ULTIS, implemented at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval architecture in Zagreb, based on IACS recommendations. Subsequently, benchmark studies of ultimate strength of a bulk carrier built in a Croatian shipyard employing ULTIS are attached to illustrate the stepwise yielding and buckling scenario of hull elements both for deck and bottom structures in sagging and hogging conditions, as well as the effect of higher tensile steel during the ship bending. Finally, the paper investigates a possible increase of the ship’s hull ultimate strength by strengthening longitudinal structural elements after their failure sequence under bending.

bulk carriers; classification societies rules; hull strength; oil tankers; ship construction; ultimate strength;

Source : hrcak.srce.hr

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