05 March 2009

Selected Papers and Publications Caponnetto-Hueber

Caponnetto M. as Caponnetto-Hueber Flow Consultant which Consultancies in COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMICS (CFD) for Hydrodynamics and Aerodynamics Applications. Here is some selected publication

Azcueta R., Caponnetto M., Soeding H, 2003, "Motion Simulations for Planing Boats in Waves", 15th. International Conference on Hydrodynamics in Ship Design, Safety and Operation, Gdansk, Poland

Caponnetto M., "RANSE Simulations of Surface Piercing Propellers", NuTTS 2003, 6th Numerical Towing Tank Symposium, Roma, Italy

Caponnetto M., "CFD propels marine applications", Cd-Adapco Pressroom, Dynamics n.20, Spring 2003

Caponnetto M., "Sea keeping simulation of fast hard chine vessels using RANSE", NuTTS 2002, 5th Numerical Towing Tank Symposium, Pornichet, France

Caponnetto M., "Practical CFD simulations for planing hulls", HIPER 2001, High-Performance Marine Vehicles, Hamburg, Germany

Caponnetto M., "Numerical Simulation of Planing Hulls", NuTTS 2000, 3rd Numerical Towing Tank Symposium

Caponnetto M., "Validation of Panel Methods for Propeller FLow Analysis", NuTTS, Numerical Towing Tank Symposium

Caponnetto M., Castelli A., "America's Cup Yacht Design Using Advanced Numerical Flow Simulations", EPFL SuperComputing Review n.10, Nov. 1998

Caponnetto M., Rolla P., Porro M., "A New Propeller Design Method for Fast Planing Boat Applications", FAST 1997

Source : Caponnetto-Hueber

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