05 March 2009

(2006) Papanikolaou et.al. - Impact Of Hull Design On Tanker Pollution

Apostolos Papanikolaou, Eleftheria Eliopoulou and Nikos Mikelis, Impact Of Hull Design On Tanker Pollution, presented at the 9th International Marine Design Conference-IMDC06, Ann Arbor-Michigan, 16-19 May, 2006

Impact Of Hull Design On Tanker Pollution
Apostolos Papanikolaou [Director of Ship Design Laboratory-NTUA, Greece], Eleftheria Eliopoulou [Ship Design Laboratory-NTUA, Greece], Nikos Mikelis [independent consultant to INTERTANKO, UK]

The paper presents results of a comprehensive analysis of recorded AFRAMAX tanker accidents which occurred in the period between 1978 and 2003. The analysis enables the identification of significant trends with respect to the accident rates per shipyear for all major accident categories. It also relates the impact of ship’s hull design, namely of the double hull and the various non-double hull configurations, as well as the impact of ship’s age on tanker accidents.

Tanker accident rates; marine pollution; tanker hull design; impact of ship’s age.

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