13 March 2009

NORSOK STANDARD M (Material) Series

This NORSOK standard provides general principles, engineering guidance and requirements for materials selection and corrosion protection for hydrocarbon production and processing facilities and supporting systems for fixed offshore installations. This NORSOK standard also applies for onshore terminals, except for structural and civil works.

This NORSOK standard gives guidance and requirements for: corrosion and materials selection evaluations, specific materials selection where appropriate, corrosion protection, design limitations for specific materials, qualification requirements for new materials or new applications.

M-001 Materials selection (Rev. 4, August 2004)
M-101 Structural steel fabrication (Rev. 4, Dec. 2000)
M-102 Structural aluminium fabrication (Rev. 1, Sept. 1997)
M-120 Material data sheets for structural steel (Edition 5, November 2008)
M-121 Aluminium structural material (Rev. 1, Sept. 1997)
M-122 Cast structural steel (Rev. 1, June 2003)
M-123 Forged structural steel (Rev. 1, June 2003)
Surface preparation and protective coating (Rev. 5, June 2004)
M-503 Cathodic protection (Edition 3, May 2007)
M-506 CO2 corrosion rate calculation model (Rev. 2, June 2005)
M-601 Welding and inspection of piping (Edition 5, April 2008)
M-622 Fabrication and installation of GRP piping systems (Rev 1 April 2005)
M-630 Material data sheets for piping (Rev. 4, January 2004)
Qualification of manufacturers of special materials (Rev. 3, April 2004)
M-710 Qualification of non-metallic sealing materials and ..., (Rev. 2, Oct. 2001)

source: standard.no

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