11 March 2009

(2007) Biswas - Inland Water Transport — an Overview and Prospective Plan

Dr P K Biswas, Inland Water Transport — an Overview and Prospective Plan, IE(I) Journal – MR Vol 88, July 2007

Inland Water Transport — an Overview and Prospective Plan
Dr P K Biswas [Department of Transport, Inland Water Transport Directorate, Government of India, Kolkata]

This paper was presented and discussed at the Twentieth National Convention of Marine Engineers held at Visakhapatnam during February 24-25, 2007.

For transporting bulk commodities, Inland Water Transport (IWT) prove to be the most efficient and economic means as per policy and regulations of IWT. Three arterials waterways in our country has declared as National Waterways based upon which Inland Water Transport Policy has developed. Apart from our country, there are extensive use of IWT in other countries also like by name, Bangladesh, China, Philippine. A comparative statistics of the length of Inland Waterways utilized in different countries has also given. Further, in view of development of Inland Water System, Pasing River Systems is taken upon three National Waterways. Apart from three new National Waterways has declared. Central and State Governments have announced various schemes for developments of this sector. For developments of trained manpower, National Navigation Institute at Patna play an important role. Inland Water Transit and Trade Protocol have also been developed between India and Bangladesh. Various problems and issues in view of under utilization of IWThas also discussed. The paper is concluded with suggested recommendations and suggested approach of future plans.

IWT; IWAI; PPP; Inland Nevigation; SPV

Source :The Institution of Engineers (India)

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