05 March 2009

(2006) Papanikolaou et.al - Casualty Analysis Of Tankers

Papanikolaou et.al , Casualty Analysis Of Tankers, The Royal Institution of Naval Architects Conference-"Learning from Marine Accidents III", London, January, 25-26, 2006

Casualty Analysis Of Tankers
A Papanikolaou and E Eliopoulou [Ship Design Laboratory-NTUA, Greece]
S Aksu [Universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow, UK]
S Delautre [Bureau Veritas, France]

The paper presents detailed results of a comprehensive analysis of recorded AFRAMAX tanker incidents and accidents, which occurred in the period between 1978 and 2003. The analysis consists of a thorough review of incident/accident
information and identification of the significant trends such as variation of accident rates per shipyear for all accidents as well as for each major accident category (collision, contact, grounding, non-accidental structural failure, fire, and
explosion); the environmental and operational conditions at the time of incidents/accidents (en-route, loading/unloading, manoeuvring, at port, etc); and the severity of accidents in terms of loss of lives/injuries, environmental pollution and loss of property (minor, major repairs or total loss). These trends were also analysed with respect to the impact of ship design (double hull and non-double hull), of human and a variety of other factors.
The analysis results show a clear decline in the accident rates per shipyear for the particular period. Although similar reduction in accident rates leading to oil pollution was observed, the spilled pollution rates remained almost constant.
Also, the analysis indicated that the spilled pollution index for accidents involving double hull tankers was significantly lower compared to the index for non-double hull tankers.

tanker incidents, the impact of ship design, incident/accident information, spilled pollution index


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