13 March 2009

[MI/yim020] ASM Metals Handbook: Desk Edition

ASM Metals Handbook: Desk Edition
Metals Handbook Desk Edition Second Edition

Publisher: ASM International
Number Of Pages: 2571
Publication Date: 1998
ISBN / ASIN: 0871706547
EAN: 9780871706546
Binding: Hardcover
Manufacturer: ASM International
Studio: ASM International

The "best" of the ASM Handbook in a single volume.

http://ifile.it/2sz1rqm (newlink)
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Marcos G. said...

Hello yirfan, I looked at your blog (which by the way is excellent) and found a great book I've been looking for: "ASM Metals Handbook Desk Edition" http://yirfan.blogspot.com/2008/10/asm-metals-handbook-desk-edition.html, is there a way you can provide me the password of the RAR file? or re-upload it without the password and let me know the upload address (if you have some time)?? Thanks!!


yirfan said...

thnks marcos, for visiting my blog. i'm glad it could help others.
i don't have the password of the rar file (if any)
but you can try other link that i already added.


this is no password required.

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