10 March 2009

(2006) Kale - TBT Free Anti – fouling Technology

S Kale, TBT Free Anti – fouling Technology, IE(I) Journal-MR Vol 87, January 2007

TBT Free Anti – fouling Technology
S Kale [Value Added Solutions, International Paints]

This paper was presented and discussed at the 19th National Convention of Marine Engineers held at Pune during February 24–25, 2006.

Controlling the growth of marine fouling on underwater hulls without the use of the Tributyltin (TBT) biocide is achieved in one of two main ways. The first, and more common approach, is to use combinations of alternative, non TBT biocides. These are finely dispersed in the antifouling binder system and then released from the surface of the coating once it is immersed in sea water.
Biocidal antifoulings are generally differentiated from each other by the mechanisms (technology types) used to effect this biocide release. These mechanisms are outlined in the first part of this paper.
The second and more novel approach to fouling control is to make the surface ‘non– stick’, and prevent fouling attachment without the use of biocides. Anti–foulings of this type are known as Foul Release coatings and are described in the second part of this paper.

Biocide; Organotins; Rosin; Contact leaching anti–fouling; Controlled depletion polymer; Self polishing co–polymer; Foul release

Source :The Institution of Engineers (India)

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